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The internal training in a car equipment manufacturing company achieved a great success .

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From July 17th to July 18th of 2018, It was a complete success for the training of Stakeholder Management for a well-known automobile equipment manufacturing company in Shanghai organized by Changeway Project Management .

From July 17th to July 18th of 2018, It was a complete success for the training of  Stakeholder Management for a well-known automobile equipment manufacturing company in Shanghai organized by Changeway Project Management . During the two-day training, Mr. Luo made participants realize and better understand the importance of the stakeholder management in the project management through vivid and interesting explanations and interactive exercises of actual cases.

Some of the project managers present have previously studied PMP courses

and acquired PMP certification, but the explanations and practical exercises

for a certain management field in PMP are still very beneficial to them.


1. What is stakeholder?

2.  How to identify stakeholder?

3. Correctly understand the relationship between project and stakeholder

4.  The tool templates and their application in stakeholder management