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On-demand PMP Course

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Our on-demand PMP Course is intended for those who prefer to learn a PMP course at their own pace and with flexible access in any time,in any place, by any device.In this way, they can pace themselves, breeze through the easy parts and focus on what are more challenging to them.

On-demand PMP Course Overview:

(1)  Pre-recorded PMP course Based on《PMBOK Guide》6th edition presented by our expert instructors(Available 24x7);

(2)  Online explanations of 49 ITTOs;

(3) Online Q&A


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On-demand PMP Curriculum:

Day 1:Project Management Environment and Project Managers. Integration Management.

Day 2:Scope Management. Schedule Management.

Day 3:Cost Management. Quality Management.

Day 4:Resource Management. Communications Management. Stakeholder Management.

Day 5:Risk Management. Procurement Management. Review and Synopsis.

Day 6:Detailed Explanation of Practice Exam Questions.

Benefit you will receive from On-demand PMP Course:

(1) Flexible course access. (24x7 Web-based access to all video-based course lessons)

(2) Pace yourself in video study and focus on what is more important and challenging

(3) Detailed explantion of practice exam questions by referring to exact page in PMBOK

(4) The most recently updated learning material: PMBOK 6th Edition + carefully designed lecture note

(5)1000+ Concept Refresher Questions

(6)1500+ Questions in Simulated PMP® exam format

(7) Free PMI application and audit assistance

(8) Full-service course consultant team

(9) documented 90% pass rate

Course Goals:

(1)Thoroughly understand the guide to the project management body of knowledge.

(2)Clearly grasp five major process groups, ten key knowledge areas and 49 processes of project management.

(3)Correctly apply skills to pass the PMP® examination.

Attendees Recommended:

1.Project Managers

2.Project Program Managers

3.Project Office Managers

4.Project Team Members

5.Other professionals involved with projects


Frank Fu (PMP, MBA, EMBA, DBA)

Mr.Fu's educational background in computer science of Southeast University and Management of both Fudan University and Tsinghua University enabled him to have several years' direct project management experience. Since 2008, his focus has been on project management training and now is an expert PMP instructor authorized by National Foreign Experts Bureau with more than 10 years's project mangement training experience. He has an in-depth and exhaustive study on PMI Standard system, PMBOK project management knowledge system, PMI exam questions.He is expert at integrating theory with real-life project management and explaining profound knowledge with simple terms by citing various enlightening examples, which can help students understand and grasp the essence of PMBOK in the shortest term.

Students Testimonials:

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Jason (PMP)                   

“ I have cleared my PMP examination in my first attempt. Thank Changeway very much for all the help and support before, during and after class.”  -

Lucy (PMP)

"If you want to be a PMP professional, Changeway's boot camp should be a MUST. Great instructors, great service team and all materials are at your fingertips for success. "

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