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PMI-ACP Classes

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The PMI-ACP( Agile Certified Practitioner) certificate can validate a project manager's competence of quick response to unexpected issues. Our PMI-ACP training program is targeted to let students master and apply agile principles and practices to push forward projects.

About PMI-ACP®:

The PMI-ACP( Agile Certified Practitioner) exam was launched in 2011 by the Project Management Institution (PMI®).  After many years’ Investigation , PMI found the needs of many project are constantly changing. The team with less than 10 members using the previously applied principle of Planning first and implementing nextcannot push forward the project at all.

As a result, PMI advocated agile (Agile) approach to manage projects with unpredictable changes . The PMI-ACP certification validates the practitioner's competence to understand, apply agile principles and practice on projects. It differs from other certifications in that it requires agile training, agile project work experience, and a combination of agile practices, tools,and exam skills.

It also incorporates other agile methods, including SCRUM (Agile Development), XP (Extreme Programming), and LeanDevelopment (Lean Agile).

The value of PMI-ACP® certification to an organization:

·Adapt to changing business needs

· Provide ongoing customer feedback as early as possible, improve communication between company and customers, and provide support to business owners to help them obtain the critical information for making right decisions and guiding the direction of the project in the development Process.

· Earn measurable return on investment as early as possible

· Improve the visibility and impact of project progress, helping to identify problems early

· Reduced product and process waste with incremental delivery, replacing the one-time delivery model at the end of the project

The value of PMI-ACP® certification to an individual:

·Obtaining a certificate confirms the practitioner's knowledge and skills in agile principles, practices, tools and skills.

· The certificate covers a variety of agile methods rather than simply limiting the practitioner to an agile strategy.

·Enhance project management expertise.

·Provide practitioners with a more reliable certificate than existing entry-level certifications based solely on training or exams.

Training goal:

The participants will be able to comprehensively and deeply understand the agile project management practices and help the students to correctly apply agile project management;through case analysis, keynote speech, group activities, role-playing, experience sharing and other practical methods.

Master agile project management standards, concepts and processes, knowledge skills and tools.

Familiar with the exam questions and key knowledge of the Agile Project Management (PMI-ACP®) certification exam to fully cope with the PMI-ACP® exam.

Attendees Recommended:

Decision-making personnel: company decision maker and senior executive

Managerial personnel: project manager, project management personnel, IT director, PMO manager, project director, quality manager, etc.;

Executive personnel : project execution personnel, technical manager, engineer, etc.;

Certified person: PMP or P2 certified professional who want to learn advanced project management practice application

Why choose Changeway ?

1.Nationally leading and professional PMI registered PMI-ACP training service provider(Global R.E.P. 2460);

2.PMI-ACP Training Center and the Examination Center authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts

3.Relying on prestigious universities, software parks, and industry associations;

4.Full-time expert PMI-ACP® instructors and teaching assistant team;

5.Professional PMI-ACP® consulting and service team

6.Elaborately edited textbook handouts and carefully designed mock exam questions

7.Experienced in training, has succefully helped 10000 project managers in XXX countries to study and prepare for their PMI-ACP exam. 

8.28 PDUs included with the class

9.Providing PDU accumulation and renewal service

Schedule and Pricing:

Place :  TO be developed

Date:    TO be developed

Time:   TO be developed

Price:   TO be developed

PMI-ACP Curriculum:

I. Cognition of agile management system

1.1 Comparison of the difference between agile management and traditional project management

1.2 Agile Manifesto 

1.3 12 Principles of Agile

1.4 Features of Project suitable for agile management methods

1.5 Roles and Responsibilities in Agile Projects

2. Agile project management tools

2.1 Overview of tools and methods for agile projects

2.2 Agile Methodology - Scrum

2.3 Agile Methodology - XP

2.4 Agile Methodology - Lean

2.5 PMI-ACP exam scope and practical application

3. Agile project management actual combat drill

3.1 Analysis of agile operation practice and process problems of a project

3.1.1 How to understand the 3355 framework of agile management

3.1.2 How to manage 3 big roles of agile

3.1.3 How to apply agile 3 major assets

3.1.4 How to do the 5 major events of agile

3.1.5 How to practice agile values

3.2 How to optimize project performance through agile processes to enhance customer value and project value

3.3 Project Managers Apply Value-Added Value of Agile Methods


Mr. Yang (PMP , PMI-ACP , Scrum Master, ICT international registration trainer, Veteran instructor in Qinghui Project Management)

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