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PMI-PBA Classes

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Our PMI-PBA certification program is aimed at enhancing students' capability to conduct business and need analysis and also making them qualified for participating in and pass the PMI-PBA certification exam no matter they have a PMP® certificate or not.

About PMI-PBA® Classes:

This course is designed for PMI-PBA certification. Students can enhance their ability to conduct business and need analysis through this course no matter they have a PMP® certificate or not. By scenario discussions, practical experience and case sharing, participants can not only effectively absorb the professional knowledge and skills in the field of business analysis, apply them in the work, but also can get the qualification to participate in the PMI-PBA certification exam (PMI-PBA® exam requirements: You need to take 35 hours of relevant courses to apply for the exam).

The value of business analytical skills for organizations :

Adapt to fast-changing and increasingly competitive markets

Ensure that the project is reasonable and feasible, and avoid returning to the old pattern of high resource consumption but unused project results.

Seize the opportunity to make the company invincible

The value of business analytical skills for individuals:

Enhance your reputation: showcase your expertise in business analysis and identifying business needs 

Enhance your ability to find jobs: demonstrate your ability to work effectively with stakeholders and improve project outcomes

Bring more up-and-coming opportunities: make you highly sought-after in management position

Training goal:

Fully and deeply understand business analysis practices and use business analytical tools correctly through case analysis, keynote speech, group activities, role-playing, experience sharing and other practical methods .

Master business analysis standards, ideas and processes, knowledge skills and tools.

Familiar with exam questions and check points of the Business Analyst (PMI-PBA®) certification exam to be fully prepared for PMI-PBA® exam.

Attendees Recommended:

Project manager, product manager, marketing manager, corporate top and middle-level executive 

Business Analyst (BA), Requirements Engineer (RA), System Analyst (SA), System Architect (SD)

Those interested in the business analysis and needs analysis methods of the project

Those who have obtained PMP certification, are interested in business analysis, and want to learn complete business analysis methods

Why choose Changeway ?

1.PMI® Registered Education Provider(Global R.E.P. 2460);

2.Nationally leading and professional PBA training service provider;

3.PMI-PBA Training Center and the Examination Center authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts;

4.Relying on prestigious universities, software parks, and industry associations;

5.Full-time expert PMI-PBA® instructors and teaching assistant team;

6.Professional PMI-PBA® consulting and service team;

7.Providing PDU accumulation and renewal service;

Schedule and Pricing:

Place :  TO be developed

Date:   TO be developed

Time:   TO be developed

Price:   TO be developed

PMI-PBA Curriculum:

Detailed explanation of Business Analysis body of knowledge and tool application;

Needs assessment, business analysis planning, requirements inspiration and analysis, monitoring and solution evaluation

Online explanation of PMI-PBA Practice exam questions and online Q&A services

Remarkable Features:

In-class instruction and after-class tutoring

Scenario analysis and practice exam questions

Group study and brainstorming 

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