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PgMP Classes

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Program management is a senior management of large-scale strategic projects and organizational multi-projects at a higher level. Our PgMP training course attempts to make students master Program management concepts and processes, skills and tools and also pass the PgMP certification exam.

About PgMP training:

Program Management refers to the centralized and coordinated management of multiple related projects to achieve the strategic goals and benefits of this program, including the integration of multiple projects to achieve program goals and enabling cost, schedule and work to be optimized or integrated. Program management is a senior management of large-scale strategic projects and organizational multi-projects at a higher level.

The Program Management Standard is an another authoritative knowledge standard introduced by the Project Management Association (PMI®) following A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

The Program Management Standard provides a unified and standardized management standard for high-level project management personnel. This standard describes program management process, and guides how to manage large-scale projects, project groups and multi-projects under the guidance of organizational strategy, and describes best practice of a successful program management.

Since its launch in 2008, more than 10,000 senior managers have participated in project management training so far.

Training goal:

Help students to comprehensively and deeply understand program management practices and correctly apply program management through case analysis, keynote speech, group activities, role-playing, experience sharing and other practical methods.

Master management standards, concepts and processes, knowledge skills and tools of program, large-scale project and projects group.

Familiar with the exam questions and key knowledge of the PgMP certification exam to be  fully prepared for the exam.

Attendees Recommended:

Project director and technical director

General manager/CEO

Mega project manager

Business unit manager

Project general manager

Senior project manager

Why choose Changeway ?

PMI® Registered Education Provider(Global R.E.P. 2460)

PgMP Training Center and the Examination Center authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts

Relying on prestigious universities, software parks, and industry associations;

Full-time expert PgMP instructors and teaching assistant team;

Professional PgM consulting and service team

Elaborately edited textbook handouts and carefully designed mock exam questions

Experienced in PMP training

60 PDUs included with the class

Providing PDU accumulation and renewal service

Schedule and Pricing:

Place :  TO be developed

Date:    TO be developed

Time:   TO be developed

Price:   TO be developed

PgMP Curriculum:

I. Introduction to Program management

1.1 Program and Program Management Concept

1.2 Relationship between project management, program management, portfolio management and organizational project management

1.3 Relationship between program management, operational management and organizational strategy

1.4 The concept of business value

1.5 The role of program manager

2. Program management performance domain

2.1 The Concept of Performance Domain

2.2 Interaction between Performance Domains

2.3 Differences between program and projects

2.4 Differences between program and portfolio

2.5 Linkage between organizational strategy, portfolio management and program management

3. The strategic alignment of the program

3.1 The program’s alignment with the organizational strategy

3.2 Program Roadmap

3.3 Program Environmental Assessment

4. Project benefits management

4.1 Benefits identification

4.2 Benefits Analysis and Planning

4.3 Benefits delivery

4.4 Benefits transfer

4.5 Benefits maintenance

5. The program stakeholder engagement  

5.1 Stakeholders identification

5.2 Stakeholders engagement planning

5.3 Stakeholders engagement

6. Program governance

6.1 Program Governance Committee

6.2 Responsibility of Program Committee

6.3 Relationship between program management and program governance

6.4 Common Roles in the framework of program governance

6.5 Other governance activities that support program governance

6.6 Program and its Components Governance

7. Program life cycle management

7.1 Program life cycle

8. Program management process

8.1 Program Integration Management

8.2 Program Scope Management

8.3 Program Progress Management

8.4 Program Quality Management

8.5 Program Resource Management

8.6 Program Risk Management

8.7 Program Communication Management

8.8 Program Procurement Management

8.9 Program Financial Management

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