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PDU Classes

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PDU (Professional Development Units) is a mechanism set by PMI to strengthen continuing professional development of PMPs after they pass the PMP certification exam.

About PDUs

PDU (Professional Development Units) is a post-certification education mechanism set by PMI to strengthen continuing professional development of PMP, to encourage and recognize individual learning opportunities, and to establish and record project management professional development activities.

In order to maintain the international certificate quality of PMP, all PMPs must meet the requirements of the professional development plan established by PMI, and continue to learn after obtaining the certificate to maintain the validity of their qualifications. According to PMI regulations, PMP must be re-certified every three years. Re-certification requires:

1. At least 60 PDUs accumulated ;

2. Continuous compliance with PMI's professional ethics requirements;

3. Renewal fee ($150/3 years)

Changeway Community- Your platform for PDUs

With a confluence of Project Management Professionals, Changeway Community can help you easily obtain PDU credits, improve the practical ability of project management, so that both your PMP certificate and PMP competency won’t expire by offering the followings:

1.Project management seminars

2.Actual project Management experience Sharing

3.Changeway Reading Club

4.Volunteer activities  

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